VIP Hosting

Introducing our

VIP Fully-Managed Service

Our experts on hand 24/7

You receive more than secure machines connected to a world-class network; you get a team of expert systems engineers at your disposal: leave the technicalities to us and get on with doing what you do best.

VIP Hosting

A Positive Internet managed server brings our whole team at your disposal, 24 hours a day. It's like employing a whole department of highly-skilled engineers for a fraction of the cost, and getting world-class hosting thrown in for good measure.

All you can eat

Our managed service has no compare. We don't simply reboot your server and prod you in the direction of a control panel. We help you in every aspect of the installation, configuration, securing, maintenance, monitoring, systems administration, backup and patching. We have Linux expertise more deeply rooted than any other UK hosting company. We work with you to get your applications working to their best. We help you optimise your databases. We manage your firewalls. We take care that you have full backups of your data, locally and across the network. We meet with you in your offices to discuss your new projects, and advise on the best technical solutions.

Constant communication

There are no laminated job-sheets, no officious call centres. You'll be speaking to techies when you want to speak to techies, project managers when you want to speak to project managers. No friction. No middlemen. You can speak to us on the phone at any time of the day or night, 24/7. We provide a fluidity and flexibility of service that you'd swear no longer exists - until you experience it with us.

No additional fees

The best people. With the best hardware. On the best network. That's the Positive Internet VIP managed service. Better still, you get the full panoply of services with one subscription charge. There are no nasty little extras. No bandwidth suprise bills. No "additional backup" fees. No "out of hours" penalty. The one price gets you as much help as you need, when you need it, on world-record-winning infrastructure.

Most cost-effective IT spend

And the price? An average managed server with all the above services included will cost you less than paying the minimum wage of one additional technician. So whilst you could employ a whole new team of techies in-house just to make sure your web-presence ticked over reliably - and then pay all over again to get the hardware, networking and hosting. Or you could leave it to us. It's an easy decision for the thousands of organisations large and small for whom we've become a part of the team.

It's not just "servers"

While we provide a great range of servers whose price includes our VIP management, that VIP service extends to designing and managing full cluster systems, cloud solutions and project maintenance. Our highest availability solutions let you run mission-critical ventures. You can also engage us to make your existing infrastructure PCI compliant and secure.

Be astonished

Find out more about the flexible VIP service we provide with every managed server in the links above right. And if you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch. We're glad to meet you and discuss your options in person.